1. IN PERSON: Come in to our facility and purchase them.
  2. ONLINE: Purchase convenient E-Gift Cards online below securely using SquareUp.

ONLINE E-GiftCards ( Valid towards Rental Packages & Memberships only ):


  • Choice of different beautiful E-gift cards can be made for any amount ( up to $100 maximum per cardholder per day ), and they never expire!
  • They also work like a Credit Card, and carry a balance.
  • Convenient, fast, and can be bought from the comfort of your own home.  No need to get out, fight through busy traffic to get a traditional physical Gift Card.
  • A unique and original gift for yourself, friends, or a loved one.
  • Please Note, that they are only Valid towards Rental packages, for Paintball Memberships,  and Laser Tag sessions but not any retail purchases. However, the physical in-store Gift Cards are valid for all purchases.

IMPORTANT:  To Validate your purchase and FOR YOUR PROTECTION AGAINST FRAUD, we require that the recipient of the Gift Certificate Purchased is an adult that has an official Government ID.  In the case that an EGift Card is purchased for a minor, it should be made out to an adult, such as a parent or older sibling that can accompany the minor and present a valid Government ID.  The minor can be referenced in the Gift Card Personal Message.  ( For any suspicious or large purchases of over $100 we reserve the right to NOT accept EGift Cards and completely refund them back to the purchaser. It should be noted that the maximum allowable purchase is $100 per cardholder per day. )

In Store Physical GiftCards:

  • For Plastic Gift Cards, visit our store.
  • These gift cards can be made for any amount, and of course, never expire!
  • They work like a Credit Card, and carry a balance.  They can be re-filled or used multiple times!
  • A unique and original gift for yourself, friends, or a loved one.