Paintball Memberships

Membership FAQ:

Which is the most popular membership?
The most popular membership is our PAINT annual membership for only $74.95! It allows you to buy our TOP Grade paintballs at a huge discount of 25% which translates to only $48.75 for a case of 2000 or $14.63 for a bag of 500 paintballs! This membership pays off itself in only a couple of visits. ( NOTE: This membership privilege only applies to the member and not other players in their group. )
Which membership saves you the most money?
The platinum membership is great for people that rent equipment, however the PAINT membership is the best savings for regular players. Since the Platinum membership only costs $235, it can pay itself in only 11 visits. So for frequent players, renting or with their own equipment, and playing at least once a month, they will realize a savings.
Can I use these memberships for other people in our Group?
Memberships or only valid for the members only.  They are NOT transferable.
Can Memberships be used in Combination with the PAINT Discount Membership?
Yes.  For even bigger savings, any of the memberships can be used along with the PAINT discount membership to achieve up to 25% savings on paintballs!
What if you go out of business?
This is a fair question, especially as you see so many gyms, and paintball places go out of business. For this reason, it is important to get a membership from a reputable business that has a good history and reputation. Orlando Paintball has been in business longer then any other paintball facility in Florida, open since 1991 yet is on the leading edge considered a benchmark in the paintball industry. This should give you some assurance of our company and purchasing a membership from us.
Will the prices or privilidges of a Membership change?

Once you buy a Membership, your price for that membership is locked in and its privilidges will never change.  You also grandfather your plan so if anything changes in the future, you have full rights to renewal with the same price and privilidges in the future as long as you renew your membership in the future without any lapse of time.


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